Thursday, September 22, 2011

Planning a Wedding, within the Wedding Industry - Part 2

Let there be cake!!

Hi everyone! I hope ya'll are having a great week so far! I wanted to talk about a business I highly recommend. It's Tasteful Elegance located in Easley, SC. They do deliver. My sister got married a few years ago and we went to one of the Wedding Festivals at the Hyatt Place. We were both looking forward to trying out wedding cakes. There were a lot of bakery venues there and out of all of them one stood out. We walked up to Tasteful Elegance booth and was greeted with a smile by Cheryl. She owns and operates this yummy place. She gave us a sample of her famous white chocolate cake and we each took a bite and we didn't even have to speak, we looked at each other and knew this was the cake for my sister. No questions asked! It was literally melt in your mouth good! My sister later made an appointment with Cheryl and was very pleased with her. At my sister's wedding, people complimented on her cake on not only how beautiful it was but how tasty it was! My sister had a lot of cake left over from her wedding and people found out and asked her if she could spare a few slices. No joke lol!
After getting engaged I knew who I wanted to do my cake. I immediately made an appointment with Cheryl at her studio. We came on a rainy day and Cheryl opened up her studio to us and immediately offered us warm drinks. Joey ( my stud muffin fiance) and I and sat down and looked at pictures and magazines to get ideas. Honestly, we had no idea what type or style of a cake we wanted. We came in there with a clean slate. We told Cheryl how we didn't have an idea for a cake but the only thing we did know that we wanted was something different and creative. Surprisingly, Joey was working with Cheryl on different sketches and we found one that we really liked. Joey designed the cake with Cheryl all by himself! I was so pleased because the cake was everything we were looking for! Cheryl let us try several samples of cakes as well as fillings and frosting. They were all so good. Her cakes are so smooth and fresh. We of course went with white chocolate and buttercream frosting. We also ordered a groomsman cake for Joey. Joey is a big sports fan and I thought I would steer clear from that because I figured he would of expected something like that. Joey goes to starbucks at least once a day. Yes, I said at least once a day and not once a week. They all know him by name. So I decided on a starbucks inspired cake!
Cheryl is not only a good and creative baker but she's also very kind. She's very personable which to me is very important. Just to give you an example, I went to the Wedding Festivals with my future mother in law and went up to her booth and she recognized me. When it comes to a venue you want to make sure that they not only have good service but also have a care of what you want. She does cakes and cookies for all occasions!

So the yummy cake award goes to Cheryl with Tasteful Elegance! Below are some pics of her work. Please note that these pictures don't do justice of what they look like in person!
Hope to see you next week!!


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