Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Planning a Wedding within the Wedding Industry" begins...

One of our own employees is in the process of planning her wedding and we wanted to give her the chance to document her journey and hopefully help some of you along the way with all that she experiences and learns. At the beginning of every week will be her own written post about whatever she wants to share. We hope you enjoy and follow along on her journey with her and take something from each post. We encourage you to comment and share any of your stories or questions as well!

Planning a Wedding, within the Wedding Industry - Part 1 by Lorianne L.


Hi all, or shall I say ya'll lol. This is my ver
y first blog ever!! I am a bride to be and I hope that my blog will give you some helpful tips as well as some ideas and inspirations for your big day!! A little about me, I'm 26 and I will be getting married September 2012. I got engaged this past December and I've been really on the ball with my wedding planning even though we kind of had a long engagement. I don't consider myself a traditional bride, I like different things and bright colors! I guess you will be following me on my wedding planning journey. I'm half Chinese and half Korean and my stud muffin of a fiance' is Italian and Irish. Can you imagine what our kids will look like?? We live in upstate South Carolina and I hope my experience of this whole wedding planning will help you as well as anyone that lives in the area!!

I've been really curious with airbrush makeup lately. My main concern is if it really works. For me, my skin is a combination of dry and oily. For my wedding day I know I will be pretty emotional so I really want something that lasts! I've heard that airbrush makeup can last up to 24 hours!! A little bit about airbrush makeup for those that don't know-

• There are 3 different types-Water based (Matte finish, usually doesn't require any powdering). Silicone based (Gives a light dewy finish, very youthful glow). Alcohol based (light finish, stronger, can be used for special effects and tattoo coverups).
• All airbrushing is hypoallergenic an
d the best part is that it's the most sanitary way to put on makeup if you think about it.
• This is non-transferable, sweat, smudge and tear proof. It's also good for your skin because it actually sits on top of your skin and it does not penetrate to the pores.

Now, let's get to the good part to see if it really works! I looked up different makeup/hair artists in the area and found a few. I looked up each of their information and asked around about them. I found one that I kept eyeing on. I asked several girls and she got all good reviews. Her name is Katie Cotton. Her company is called Cotton Rogue. She also travels. Me and my sister met her on Sunday and she was very friendly and perky. She wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with my appearance and didn't want to
be looking of the ordinary. She also has good prices-$120 (hair and makeup). For all other bridal parties-$85. She told me about the different types of airbrushing, I went with alcohol based because I really wanted it to be durable and it seems like the majority of the brides get it done. When she was airbrushing me, it felt so light that it almost tickled. It literally took about 1 minute for her to do the whole base of my face. She covered up all of my blemishes and my oily/dry skin was gone. Just a fair warning, there is a light smell to the alcohol based but it didn't bother me one bit. Those that have sensitive noses might be bothered, but just note that it only takes a few seconds. After she did my airbrushing, I looked in the mirror and I was super shocked. I loved the way my skin looked! My skin looked soft and smooth. I was very impressed.
When I got home I changed shirts. We've all gone through with changing clothes and getting makeup on it, very annoying. When I changed shirts, no makeup smeared on my shirt!! I got my fingers and wiped it across my cheek, nothing! I got pictures to prove it! I even faked cried, and nothing!

So if you want something durable, then I would really go with airbrushed makeup. It's worth it. You don't want to have your makeup smear or mess up on your big day. Katie will give you a consul
tation and you can talk about your likes and dislikes with hair and makeup. To me she's the most reasonably priced. Plus she's been doing makeup for over 12 years!

When I was in high school I would always get my makeup done at local department stores for "free" (it's free but they usually expect you to buy something which I did). And I was never impressed. They either never listened or they never made you look they way you wanted to. Notice the picture of me in high school with one of my best friends who is also a bridesmaids. Look at all that makeup! We laugh at this photo. My blue eyeshadow is ridiculous!!

So for me, airbrush makeup is a definite yes!! If you are on a budget and don't want to spend the extra money on getting it done by a professional you can do what I did, I asked my sister to pay for it for my birthday and she did! I hope this helps! Every week I will be posting a different topic!


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  1. Hi Lorianne!
    I used airbrush makeup for my engagement photos in which my fiance and I were waist deep in the ocean and even through all the splashing and fun, it stayed put. I also had it done for my wedding day and through a very long day, lots of emotional tears, and even a few wardrobe changes it looked just as great at the after-party as it did 10 minutes after it was applied. I have a blemished complexion and was also impressed at how it covered up the blemishes and still looked natural. I think you'll love it for your wedding day! :) Even though I've been married for almost a year already, I'm a HUGE fan of FTMB and I look forward to following your blog! Best wishes and happy planning!