Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mallory C. - Custom Card Box

This is a special posting: Mallory was the first customer to place her order for a card box after receiving her issue of Brides magazine back in mid October.

She saw what they wrote about us in the "Bride's Buzz" section and hurried to place her order before the production schedule filled up. Very smart move - we booked up FAST!

With wedding colors of royal blue and lime, she wanted a fun and funky card box. So that is what we created for her :)

Thanks so much Mallory!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daphne T. - Custom Table Cards

Oh table cards.. how fun you are :) Daphne is having a "Storybook" wedding. Her guest seating chart will be a large open storybook for them to look through to find their tables. Adorable! So we needed to design table cards that went along with that same feel. She also purchased gold scroll easel frames from us to display her 8x10 cards, and they are going to look so darn cute!

Click image for larger view:

Friday, February 19, 2010


As we announced at the beginning of the year (along with our new mailing address), many changes were coming to "For The Modern Bride". Next on the list... a new toll free phone number. YAY!

You can now reach us at 877.663.FTMB (it's ok to sing it in your head, it's catchy... we did it on purpose lol). This will also be updated on our Contact page.

Two down and many more to go.. stay tuned for some big changes in 2010! What you ask? Well we can't spill all the details just yet....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sandra G. - Custom Bilingual Stationery

Within only about a month until her wedding, Sandra came to us in a pinch to design menus and programs for her wedding. The twist - she needed them bilingual. Since all our offset printed elements automatically comes double sided, we were thrilled to take on the task. For both items, the front is the English layout with the back being the exact design just in Spanish. They came out so great. They will be an awesome addition to the card box we are making her. Thanks Sandra!

Click image for larger view:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kristen C. - Custom Invitations

Several months back we featured Kristen & Enrique's custom save-the-date magnets which was the basis of the design for the rest of their wedding. It's focused around the floral decor of Dominican culture so it's going to be a very vibrant & tropical wedding.

After a sit down consultation, they really wanted to do a pocketfold. So to have that dramatic pop factor for their guests, the envelopes and pocketfold are going to be metallic white, so that when it's opened the colors really jump out and make a statement. It's a very beautiful set. In the next couple months we'll also we featuring all their other coordinating elements that will be designed to outfit their wedding. Stay tuned!

Click image for lager view:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jackie D. - Custom Anniversary Invitations

There's not much sweeter than a family of siblings who decided to throw their mom and dad a Surprise 40th Anniversary party and are doing it wedding style (since they never had their own reception). A special occasion certainly calls for a a special custom invitation, and they got just that.

Created in our "stair stacked" layout, this invitation was designed using all stock metallics. Both the invite panel and the Directions card are printed on white metallic, layered on mars metallic and held together by a black metallic belly band and layered logo tab. Tucked neatly into a mars envelope with black liner and finished off with a coordinating address label.

A formal invite for a formal affair. It's a great way to ring in the 40th and we wish them many more happy years!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dina R. - Custom Shower Invitations

Thus far we have already showcased Dina's logos, the digital proofs of her wedding invitations were on facebook, and now her shower invites. Not everyone has a surprise shower so it was fun making an invite that pleased Mom while also keeping with the style of the Bride. Dina wanted a lot of different elements, it's all about being a chic woman - dinner, dancing, leopard, zebra, & hot pink. She absolutely loves the invite and Mom does too.. which if course is a bonus! With the looks of it, expect to see a lot more of her stuff posted over the next several months :)

Click for larger view:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Karisma S. - Custom Card Box

In a sea of red, black, brown & pink Valentine boxes combined with the blast of winter weather we have been getting lately, a tropical card box is very refreshing to do.

Karisma wanted a colorful, bold & funky card box for her tropical wedding. Awesome color palette = awesome card box.

Thanks Karisma!

Beth L. - Custom Shower Invites

Since we no longer need to keep it secret, we're showing it off :)

Kamara's mom came to us looking to design invites for her daughter's "Cocktails at Tiffany's" themed party. Super chic, sparkly and fabulous, it's the perfect way to invite someone to a party. Set the tone with the invite. Who would dare say no!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tara G. - Custom Card Box

Pretty in pink... very fitting for a Valentine's Day wedding!

Tara wanted a card box that mimicked aspects of her cake. She wanted a layer with rhinestone "swiss dots" and another layer to represent the ivory pintuck look that her cake will also have. After having seen one of our rhinestone brooches on another box, she knew she wanted one on hers.

The box came out beautiful, sparkly and will be sure to please. Thanks Tara!

Dan E. - Custom Save The Dates

Michelle & Dan came to us to help complete the save the date they were envisioning. They already had their artwork ready to go, just wanted them cut out to the shape of the picture. No problem!

We love doing magnets because we can do any shape you need in any size. The best part about it - it's the same cost as a standard shape like square or rectangular. Woohoo :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jennifer T. - Custom Wedding Logos

She's so excited, and we're excited for her! Just completed are Jennifer's logos. She sent in a picture of the roses that will be used throughout her wedding and she wanted to factor them into the design. And why not, they are beautiful. Inspired by some of our past logos, she had her heart set on our "Intertwined" collection. Now she has a logo suite that she can use on anything she wants. The next project will be her invitations. YAY :)

Click image for larger view:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jill A. - Custom Wedding Invitations

A summer wedding in New York City... a great description to base an invitation design off of. Jill came to us looking for something unique, not overdone but summery. With NYC near and dear to her, the skyline was a must. Her colors made it very easy to create a design that she absolutely loved. Grey-yellow-ivory... so chic, modern yet soft. Her response postcard will also have the same design of custom stamp to really finish it off. Her excitement makes us thrilled, we can't wait to get them printed for her!

Click image for larger view:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Matthew R. - Custom Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Several months ago Laura & Debbie, from Party Perfect, came to us to custom design an invitation set for one of their clients. We hadn't done a Bar Mitzvah before but jumped at the opportunity since it's outside the realm of what we typically cover on a day-to-day basis. It was a fun process, quite unique from weddings, yet still required the same level of attention to detail and creativity.

Matthew's birthday is an arcade theme and since his favorite game is Pac-Man we tailored the invites around that. His card box was fun to do as well. Since we couldn't justify putting a bow on top of a boy's card box, to keep with the theme, we created a 3D Pac-Man "topper". Everything came together so wonderfully and with his party this coming weekend, we wanted to show off his collection.

Thank you Laura, Debbie & the Rosenthal's... it's been a blast & to Matthew - Happy Birthday!