Friday, November 20, 2009

Lupita E. - Custom Card Box

Once again another classic damask wedding: black & white with deep deep red roses.

Really... you can't go wrong.

It's an eye catcher.

Best wishes to Joey & Andrea!


  1. hi, I happened to have the Brides magazine the same issue you have posted on this blog. I have flipped the pages over and over esp. the ad space pages and your company is nowhere to be found. is this false advertisement? and if you're truly in the magazine what page?

    thank you

  2. We didn't pay for ad space, the magazine chose to include us in their publication. We're on page #50, Bride's Buzz, in the green box.

  3. it's kinda the most noticeable thing on page 50...CONGRATS by the way!

  4. Awww thank you so much for your support! Glad you picked up the issue :)

  5. I picked up an issue and "anonymous" sure is's the most noticeable add on the page! I've gotten several items from FTMB and they definitely deserve the add...and much more! Congrats on making it to Brides!

  6. Oh you are too sweet! We are glad to have worked with you (whoever you may be!) and thank you for your business and support. It's greatly appreciated.