Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shaneque M. - Custom Table Name Cards

After ordering a card box, Shaneque inquired about custom table numbers. However instead of numbers they have decided to name their tables by the places they have traveled together. Since the cards will be tented, the one side will be the location, the other side will have a picture of them at that particular place. So cute.

The tent is Stardream Punch (exactly matches her invitation color) with the front panel printed on Stardream Opal for that full metallic look. They are so pretty and we can't wait for her to see the finished product!

Click image for larger view:

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  1. I love your work and hope to recommend some of my clients. I will be posting something on my blog about it soon. I would be interested in getting prices for my client for the stationery as well.