Monday, June 29, 2009

BJ B. - Custom Business Stickers

"Parties! Rare To Well Done" is an event planning business that specializes mainly in birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc and came across our website a while back. Recently she asked us to create a custom sticker to put on the items that she makes for the birthday parties. Without hesitation we listened to what she had in mind in regards to the icon of the woman who represented her, and essentially designed a new look for her company and a 3.5" square sticker that she loves. Yay! Thanks BJ :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Julie T.- Finished Menu Cards

Recently we posted about Julie's custom damask menu cards. Now that they are completed we wanted to showcase them in addition to the digital proofs. Her card box is also done and they accent each other so nicely. Thanks Julie!

Click image for larger view:

Amber W. - Custom Card Box

Batter's up!!! This card box was designed for a baseball themed wedding where the bride and groom clearly have a difference in opinion - St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs. Their wedding will be focused around these two teams and bringing them together. Although it's a split theme, the card box covers both and we hope their guests enjoy it!

Mikey D. - Custom Card Box

Not only do we looove making card boxes for all of our customers, but it's nice every once in awhile when a friend or family member of our staff wants a card box for their own event. This happens to be one of those orders and we're thrilled to have made one. Mike & Sara will be getting married on the 4th of July and to add to the festivities, we made the box uber sparkly :) It's fitting for the occasion and twinkles like nobody's business. We wish them all the best!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Emily S. - Custom Wedding Logos

Damask is an all year round, no particular season needed pattern that makes any wedding elegant. Emily wanted touches of damask or filigree in her logos to keep with the vibe of her wedding. Our Staff's fave is the bottom one, but they were created for her, she gets the final say :)

Click image for larger view:

Christine M. - Custom Wedding Logo

She knew the general look she wanted... simple monogram with a touch of detail. Pretty simple, very elegant, a fabulous logo for a fall wedding.

Click image for larger view:

Her approved final logo-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vicky V. - Custom Card Box

Vicky had already came to us in the past for a card box, and she came back this year for another. The color scheme is fabulous and oddly enough one that we haven't done yet - hot pink & pale yellow accented with orange. The colors look fantastic together. The modern yet elegant design makes it stand out, plus topped off with a fully covered Swarovski initial, this box is a head turner. Thanks again Vicky, we hope to do more business with you :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

FREE MAKEUPS BAGS for you and 5 bridesmaids!


Any purchase made from our favor store today that is $55 or higher (before shipping & taxes) will receive 6 FREE cosmetic couture monogram make up bags. After placing your order directly from our store, please use the form on our "Contact Us" page to request your free bags.

One bag for you - and 5 for your bridesmaids! If you need more than 5, then during your purchase from our store, purchase any amount that you may need in addition to the 6 you will get for free.

So for example if you need placecards holders and 9 total cosmetic bags - you would purchase the placecard holders and 3 bags in the initials of your choice, then after your purchase is completed, use the form on our website to request your 6 free bags. You must include the initials you need in the form so that we know which ones to send.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Again this offer is only have for today - thru 12:00am EST.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jenny P. - Custom Table Cards

A couple months back Jenny came to us for custom beer labels (her fiance brewed his own beer for their wedding favors - deeelish!) which came out fantastic. Recently she came to us for her custom table cards which they decided on using pictures of her pooch. How unbelievabley adorable is this dog?! It was such a cute collection we couldn't not show our readers!

Julie T. - Custom Wedding Menus

Julie was one of the lucky few who won free menu cards with her card box purchase, back in January. She has finalized her menu so we have began the designing process of her menu. This is the preliminary round so we will be sure to update with the final proof if there are any revisions.

Click for larger image:

Menu Approved For Print

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jackie D. - Custom 1st Birthday Invitations

We just love this little boy. We were lucky enough to do his St. Patrick's Day card and Jackie came back for his 1st Birthday, which is a 4th of July celebration as well. Complete with red metallic envelopes, her guests can't miss this invitation. He's super cute and hope to design a card for every occasion :)

Click image for larger view:

Marichu S. - Custom Card Box

Marichu came to us looking for a card box to mimic her cake, on a smaller scale. She didn't want it as large but really loved the design on the second and top layers of her cake. She chose those two as the inspiration for the card box and wanted it topped with flowers: hydrangeas, roses, orchids, & peonies as those are represented in her bouquet and thought it would be a nice touch to have the same for the card box. We really try to accommodate all the requests our customer's have, so as you can see, she got the exact card box she wanted. Thanks Marichu!

Click image for larger view:

Ioanna - Custom Wedding Logos

We received a logo order from Ioanna, wanting something regal in her colors of chocolate, red & gold for her fall 2010 wedding. Having looked through some of our past logos, she knew which ones she wanted for her order. The first two were inspired by past logos but a new design was created for her third. With the first round of revisions already having been done (it was all about perfecting the colors) we should have the final logos to show soon :)

Click image for larger view:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maggie C. - Custom Card Box

We just don't take pictures of the back of our card boxes often enough. Even though it's the back and most won't see it, we have to make sure it still looks pretty. After all it's all about the 360 degree view - the full experience - a complete card box.

The back of every order looks like this and the most recently finished card box just looked so chic, that both angles were shot. For your viewing pleasure :)

Thank you Maggie for allowing us to create your card box and we hope this adds to your stunning wedding!

Click image for larger view:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Denisa J. - Custom Accessories

Destination- Albania. Not too long ago we posted the proofs of Denisa's custom invitations for her destination wedding in Albania. The ones sent within the States were colors off white and burgundy, however the wedding itself will be white & red. Over the past couple weeks she has ordered the items below, to have that cohesive look. With the napkins and matches currently in production, and the mints just added on today... we wanted to show our readers the digital proofs of what her items will look like. Off to Albania they will go....

Click image for larger view:

Stefanie W. - Custom Card Box

Fuchsia never disappoints.

Hot pink is such a wow color and we have done so many card boxes in different combos: fuchsia & black, fuchsia & orange, fuchsia/orange/lime, fuchsia silver, fuchsia & purple, fuchsia & ivory, fuchsia & red, fuchsia & navy blue and of course fuchsia & white. Stefanie's wedding is the elegant hot pink & white and her box came out gorgeous. She was very specific on how she wanted it designed. Again, you can't go wrong with any combo with this color.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dulce & Stephen - Custom Wedding Invitations

2 Cops in Love....

That's who these invitations were custom designed for. They wanted a wedding invitation that was modern & fun yet elegant, but that also somehow represented their profession. It doesn't scream "we are cops!" but the subtly of the badge makes it perfect for this couple. Since they are post press and almost ready to be mailed, we figured it was a fine time to showcase their entire custom invitation which features a layered invitation with double sided inserts. Fab.

Click image for larger view:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rachelle Y. - Custom Business Logo

The other day we received an inquiry about creating a business logo. Absolutely, why would we pass that up?! Rachelle loved our style and felt that we could design the perfect logo for her company. The final proof was approved last night and we're excited to show it off :) Thanks Rachelle, we hope to work with you again!

Click image for larger view:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yay for Different Colors!

There are many color combos that are so popular, that we've done them numerous times. So when we get orders for colors that 1. Haven't been done yet or 2. We haven't done too often - it's fun to see what they look like together. Today's showcase are a few recent orders that are outside of the realm of what we are used to doing, and it was fabulous making each one of them.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Heather B. - Custom Card Box

Summer is in full swing and weddings are full of flip flops, starfish, palm trees, starfish, seashells, and anchors. This order that was recently completed is focused on 2 of the above and mixed with tropical flowers. The colors are very common for a wedding this time of year, and we never get tired of using them :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JunePlumm Events - Custom Wedding Logo

Camille, from JunePlumm Events, came to us looking for a logo for one of her clients who actually got married in Hawaii last month, but will be essentially having their reception this month. Great colors: green, fuchsia & beige. Bright with a touch of subtly. Her logo was finalized today and thought we'd show it off. Hopefully we get the chance to work with her again for other clients :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Genny F. - Custom Wedding Logos

It's always fun when we get the logo orders that call for a special character or design. Genny came to us late last week for 3 logos for her wedding, in which their theme incorporates chicks. Super cute! In addition, the colors are fantastic: eggplant, cherry red & orange. Love it!

Click image for larger view:

WINNER!! FTMB's "Where The Hell Did My Money Go?!" Giveaway

Winner winner chicken dinner.........

Congrats to Sophia W. from Philadlephia! We had an overwhelming response to our giveaway and we are thrilled to announce the winner. We apologize for being a day late, our main office has relocated and things are a bit hectic, but better late than never! :)

Once again congrats to Sophia, check your email for details!!!!