Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calling All Beer Drinkers!

So last week Jen contacted us to duplicate a particular style beer logo using their information, colors and tweaking it a bit to be wedding-ish :) She was using the design to print and put on their beer favors. Her fiance, John, brewed beer for their wedding and that will be the favor. LOVE IT! So instead of just the logo, we explained that we do actual labels so that she has more room to include text, like a standard beer label would. So she provided some wording, very cute, very witty and we absolutely love it. Here's their label!


  1. Thank you for making me such an amazing label for our favors!! My fiance and I absolutely love them and can not wait to hear what all our guest say when they see (and read) the beer label.


  2. haha! it's so unexpected! i love the right side label!

    you'll DEFINITELY keep them laughing!