Friday, January 30, 2009

Rebecca F.- Custom Card Box

Tis the time for production on beach themed card boxes and all other elements. Sure here up North it's still way too cold for an outside wedding, but that doesn't mean people aren't in that mindset! This bride is down in North Carolina and anxiously awaiting her wedding day. They love the beach but didn't want the popular pinks and blues that seem to accompany many beach weddings. So aiming for something different.... navy, tangerine with aqua accents. The color scheme is gorgeous (the aqua wasn't used for the card box). Aside from the colors, starfish and anchors set the tone and we are glad to make a box that perfectly matches her wedding. Thanks Becky, you have been great to work with!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Sweden Bound Card Box

We do international orders all the time but we have never shipped to Sweden until now. In celebration of it's long departure, we wanted to post it on our blog :) The couple is having a Valentine's Day wedding, as so many others are, and they wanted red, gold, & ivory with roses, bows and hearts. Check, check and check... it's got it all! Here's to it's safe journey!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Save-The-Date Winner

On Friday we had a raffle for free Save-The-Dates. The person who won didn't actually need them so we let her give the winnings to another bride. So this STD was created just for her and she loved it. She didn't want to change a thing! She was super sweet and great to work with. Now this has become one of our pre-set designed Save The Dates. Love it? You can have it too in your colors. Contact us for details!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Congrats to all 25 Winners!

Today we decided to do a random drawing, 25 winners, all to receive a purse of their choice. Although we do not advertise it on our website, we sell both evening purses and fashion bags. The winners got their choice of what they wanted and it was close to a 50/50 split on which category they picked from. Here's a glimpse of our inventory, the evening purses are below as well as only a few of the fashion bags. We have way more but the picture comes up very small on here. If you want to see our bags, just email us for details!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We are only 2 weeks into the New Year and we are now booked up until events for July 3rd and beyond. It's crazy how popular our card boxes have gotten over the years. Sure every year we receive an overwhelming response, but ever since the New Year, brides have been ordering like crazy! Thank you ladies and we're thrilled to be working with every single one of you!

Stationery orders are still available for any wedding date!

Keeping Busy!

We apologize for the lack of blogging material lately, we have been so busy! Between card boxes, logos, menu cards, etc etc sometimes there's not enough extra time to come on here and chat. But to give you a glimpse of what has been going on here lately. One of our most recent menu card winners received an amazing custom menu card. Jennifer's wedding is fun & funky, utilizing stripes and polka dots, in black, hot pink and some white. Her menu and custom logo came out awesome. She also ordered a card box from us, so we cannot wait to get that done for her too! BACK OF MENU CARD:Also on the logo schedule was another card box customer Jillian. She's getting married in Florida at an AMAZING reception site (it even makes us jealous). The building itself has a very unique and distinct shape so she ideally wanted to incorporate a sketch of the building into the logo. It came out fabulous, definitely not your everyday logo!

Next was another card box customer, getting married in 2010 - gotta love the girls would give themselves enough time for planning! She ordered a logo to basically use as her favor sticker. It's a summer wedding, light pink and light green with orchids. Super Cute! *She actually just won one of our drawings for free Save-The-Dates so we will post those when completed*
Another logo from our "Intertwined" collection, the is the first time a customer requested full names and it came out beautiful. In mocha and pool, super chic!

One more sneak peak! A past customer of ours is now helping her friend plan her wedding, she's the coordinator if you will. So the couple is having a fun and funky, retro rock and roll wedding (which for us translates as EXCITING!). She placed her order for many things: menu cards, placecards, card box, custom logo, table numbers and stickers. We love when we get to design a large package like this. They wanted a logo to have many elements: our intertwined style, a guitar, music notes, all in black and pool with accents of fuchsia. We have done different variations of the logo to help give them exactly what they want, but here's the most recent proof. It's different, it's fun and funky, it's all custom designed for them!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're Filling Up FAST!

Do not hesitate to order a card box if you want one. Right now we are taking orders for April 3rd events and beyond, however we are almost completely booked up until July, so in the near future you will see our availability jump from April to August. Don't wait to order otherwise you take the risk of paying a rush fee. Go to our website to complete your order!


To Jennifer M. of New York and Sheila R. of Wyoming for being this week's FREE Stationery winners!!

Also to Carla B. of Michigan and Michael F. of Alabama for being this week's FREE custom logo winners!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Forget About Our Sale!!!

Anything you buy in our favor store, your whole order is 10% OFF! Gobble up your favors! Not sure how many you need but don't want to wait until the last minute to buy them? No problem! We have a 3 MONTH return policy so purchase early if you'd like! Check the left side bar for the link to get to our Favor Store.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keep 'em Coming!

Today is an extremely busy logo day. The range of wedding styles and requests are all over the map today and we love it! Here are only a few we did today

Lindsay W. - Card Box

Lindsay has been a fabulous customer and we wanted to show off her card box. It came out so beautiful, the picture does not capture the true beauty of it. Lindsay's one of our Canadian brides and her wedding she describes as a Magical Winter Wedding. Her colors are a hunter green with ivory, gold accents, calla lillies, hydrangeas, lots of crystals with a touch of filigree design. This card box certainly emcompasses all those elements. Topped off with a rhinestone trimmed card slot, it's stunning! We cannot wait to ship it out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Katie - Custom Logo

Katie & Kevin decided to get married in September and they placed their logo order over the weekend for one incorporating chocolate, burgundy and earthy green. Below is the logo that she loves. However things change, it happens! They are switching their date to October or November. Planning a wedding is a huge task and can be very complicated so we completely understand. For safety sake, she will probably do without the date on the logo. She's going to get back to us on that :) But she wanted her logo to be different but not too modern or trendy and we're thrilled we made her happy. Thanks Katie!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Ahhhh to be 16 again! Although we can't rewind the clock, we thoroughly enjoy making card boxes for those celebrating such a milestone. She was so patient with the production of her card box, with illness delaying production. You are a doll and we hope your Sweet 16 is exactly what you hoped for!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Officially deemed our Exclusive "Intertwined" Logo

Now make that 2 official FTMB Exclusive Designs. We thought the first one was popular, the popularity of this style logo took off like a brush fire. We have named it "Intertwined" for obvious reasons. Every day more and more orders come in for this option. Can you blame them? It's fabulous! It's modern, yet elegant, and makes a true statement. What bride doesn't want that?! Here's a couple more we have done (some others shown down below):

Proud Member of the Etsy Wedding Team!

Yesterday we received the good news that we were accepted as the newest member to the Esty Wedding Team. We're so excited, it's a fabulous group of very talented creators dedicated to making custom items for brides (and whoever else wants to buy!). The compilation of members are hand picked so we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the craftsmanship these ladies put into their work. Check out the blog! ETSY WEDDING TEAM

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kendra W. - Custom Logo

We may just have found our next FTMB Exclusive Logo Design. We did a custom logo last week (shown below) which Kendra saw and wanted used as the inspiration for her logo. Her order was a little different as she has a particular theme for her wedding so we wanted to be sure to include that detail. So with a slight modification, she got the logo she wanted with a little more pizazz :)

Kendra requested a minor tweak and this is her chosen final logo:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lyndsay S. - Custom Logos

Lyndsay placed her order for a custom card box and came back for more :) The other day she purchased some custom logos which were emailed to her today. She loves them and we're thrilled. Here's one of them. Beautiful wedding colors by the way. We can't wait to create her card box!

Calling All Damask Brides!

Damask - what a huge trend in weddings right now! We have done many card box orders requesting this particular pattern and oddly enough all orders have been black, white & hot pink. Weird. Here's one that was just finished today. This particular bride knew actually what she wanted. She told us specifically how to set the box up, we just followed her directions. Can't blame a girl for knowing what she wants!

Logo Madness!

Yesterday was an extremely busy logo day for us. Keep them coming ladies because we love creating them!

One of the orders was for a NY bride and groom, getting married next November with a snowflake theme. She opted for 3 different logos and layouts. With concept in hand, her logo designer got to work. They came out so amazing. Truly unique. We're just waiting to hear back from Kerri! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jennifer K. - Recent Menu Card Winner


The winner of our Menu Card drawing was announced last week and although her menu isn't set yet, she is entitled to a free custom logo as all menu card purchases are. She submitted her form on the overall look she wanted which she aimed for an antique feel. This morning one of our designers did a fabulous job. Here it is, and if she chooses to make any revisions we will of course post the updated logos.

Alrighty so although the bride loved the above font for the "J" she wanted the names to be centered and the fancy letter was getting in the way. So after many font changes, she has decided on the below. Fantastic choice, looks awesome! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lauren M. - Recent Custom Logo Winner

A few days back, a couple posts down, we announced the winners of this week's special drawing. Lauren excitedly accepted her winning, filled out her order form and one of our Logo Designers got right to work. Check out what was created for her, and then the changes she wanted to see for two of them. We can't wait to see which one she picks! Her First Round of Revisions:

Her Second Round of Revisions and FINAL LOGO choice:

Logo Winner - Lauren M.

So the other we announced the winners of our Menu Card and Custom Logo drawing winners, and Lauren gladly accepted her winnings! So after completing her logo form, one of our Designers got to work! Here are the three that were created after letting us know she wanted an elegant but modern look.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Card Box Finished Today!

Standing at just over 2 FEET TALL, this gorgeous card box was made for one of our NJ brides and we can't wait to ship it out to her! She describes her wedding as Modern Elegance, so her designer had to make sure that it fit right in. It's quite the head turner, a detail that we are sure her guests won't miss! Best wishes Nicole to you and your future hubby!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

CONGRATS Lauren M. & Jennifer K.

For being this week's custom logo and custom menu card winners! We just love giving away free stuff!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Giveaway!

Happy New Year!!! Well to kick off 2009, we are having a Giveaway! The first 3 people to contact us either via email or through the contact form on our contact page, will receive a FREE CUSTOM DESIGNED MONOGRAM LOGO!

Our Stationery Designers are very talented and excited to create a logo that you can use on ANYTHING, for 3 lucky customers.

Don't hesitate to contact us, after all it's free! Don't assume the spots have already been taken, it's New Year's Day, many people are still in bed recovering :) It takes only a moment to see if you won.

To view our contact information please