Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: The Pink Book

What bride doesn't love a one stop shop to help find the vendors you need in your area? We stumbled across The Pink Book and loved all the ideas and advice they brought to the table for their loyal followers and even first time readers. They have found the cutest items that can be personalized (the neck ties are totally our favorite!) as well as other fantastic items.

We just realized that it appears that the Pink Ladies may also be Premier Bride staff members, which is funny because we made 2 card boxes for a Premier Bride Branch, last year (one of which is pictured below). Small world! :)

Check them out! We guarantee that you find fabulous ideas for your own wedding or event. Expert advice is always a good thing.
You can also find out what bridal shows are in your area, wedding planning tools & read their blog. You can show your support and even order your own "The Pink Book" shirt and book. Rock on!
Poke around their very pink site, you might just find something that you are looking for. www.ThePinkBook.com

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