Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reminder: LAST DAY TO SAVE!!!

Today's the last day to order your card box and pay 2008 pricing. Starting 2009, a new price list will take effect. Don't hesitate! Complete and pay for your order directly on our website and you'll pay '08 prices, regardless of when your event date is.

Don't have all your wedding details nailed down yet? NO PROBLEM! When filling out the Card Box Order Form just be sure to indicate in the Special Notes section that you wanted to lock in 2008 pricing and that you'll be getting back to us on all the specifics when you have them.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: The Pink Book

What bride doesn't love a one stop shop to help find the vendors you need in your area? We stumbled across The Pink Book and loved all the ideas and advice they brought to the table for their loyal followers and even first time readers. They have found the cutest items that can be personalized (the neck ties are totally our favorite!) as well as other fantastic items.

We just realized that it appears that the Pink Ladies may also be Premier Bride staff members, which is funny because we made 2 card boxes for a Premier Bride Branch, last year (one of which is pictured below). Small world! :)

Check them out! We guarantee that you find fabulous ideas for your own wedding or event. Expert advice is always a good thing.
You can also find out what bridal shows are in your area, wedding planning tools & read their blog. You can show your support and even order your own "The Pink Book" shirt and book. Rock on!
Poke around their very pink site, you might just find something that you are looking for.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Pamper Your Piggies! FEATURED VENDOR

Everyone knows that when it comes to long events such as a wedding, high heels are a deathtrap. Somewhere around hour 2, your feet are begging for mercy. Sure high heels make a statement and make your legs look great, but what women tend to forget when getting wrapped up in the excitement of fashion and beauty for the big day, is that no one will see them under your floor length dress.

Solution.....? Sandals 4 Events are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Many brides these days are opting for a flip flop basket at the reception to give their female guests the option of changing into something more comfortable (so sweet!). Plain flip flops are great for your guests, but the bride and bridesmaids deserve to have their piggies pampered. You can now have PERSONALIZED high quality sandals that will look great even on your wedding day. Plus you now have them to keep, wear and reminisce about that wonderful day. You can also order a personalized baggie to keep them in--- SCORE!!!!

Ranging from shoe sizes 6-10 and in colors black, black w/ Swarovski crystals, white, silver & fuchsia you are sure to find the right sandal for you and your bridesmaids. This would make a fabulous gift for any occasion for any chica (or feminine male) in your life :)

Check them out! Sandals 4 Events

Sunday, December 28, 2008

WOW, huge response!

Ok so the logo pictured in the last post has already become the most requested style we have ever done. It was created only a few days ago and the orders keep coming in. We typically do not duplicate logo styles, but this just may have to be an FTMB Exclusive. The most recently approved logo is pictured below and just like the first one, it's FABULOSO :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Favorite Logo Created Today - Staff Pick

One of the details that we pride ourselves on is that we don't just use fonts and images separately, we sometimes create fonts and designs ourselves to give our customers the stunning look they are going for. This logo created today by one of our designers happens to be an example of that and it's the fave amoungst the staff. It came out fabulous and the couple loves it, which is of course all that truly matters :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Custom Logo - Bradley & Gianna's July 4th Wedding

What better day to get the sparks flying - a 4th of July wedding in 2009 is perfect. Sure the tickets for your OOT may be a little more expensive, but rest assured that it will be worth every penny. This super sweet couple toyed around more months trying to create their own logo. When nothing was hitting the spot, they sought us out. The ongoing theme is of course fireworks but they made it quite clear that they wanted to avoid it looking gaudy and tacky (after all it is a wedding). Not a problem! They only wanted one logo as they want to put it on virtually everything! We just got their stamp of approval so wanted to share :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Danielle H. - Whose Wedding Is It Anyway (Style Network) Featured Bride

A couple weeks ago we received a rush order for a January wedding. After reading her order form, we discovered that her wedding will be featured on "Whose Wedding Is It Anyways?" which airs on the Style Network. When you ask? Well we're not quite sure but we're hoping when she finds out, she lets us know because we would all love to watch! Her wedding is Tiffany Blue, Black & Silver with rhinestone buckles/detailing, sparkle & feathers. She wanted a card box to match, so that is what she got! Thanks Danielle and we hope your wedding day is perfect!

UPDATE: Danielle has informed us that the show will be airing in June :) We'll have more updates with exact date and time!

Elizabeth J. Card Box

Eggplant/deep purple is such a beautiful wedding color and over the past couple months we have done LOTS with this color. As you can see the color is stunning! This card box was finished and shipped off to Elizabeth yesterday but we wanted to feature it. She wanted an elegant piece that was both simple yet had character. Her girls were wearing the deep purple & carrying lilac rose bouquets. Her dress is ivory and they accented the wedding with gold touches. So naturally we included all the colors to best match her wedding. She loved it and we're glad to have made this card box for you. Have a fabulous wedding, thanks Elizabeth!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



We are proud to announce that we have added favors and gifts to our arsenal! Our online favor shop offers favors, gifts & placecard holders for all occasions: weddings, showers, birthdays, graduation etc. You are sure to find that perfect gift to thank you guests.

Receive 10% during our Grand Opening. Remember it's limited time only!!! Discount automatically calculated during checkout.

Order now directly from our website by CLICKING HERE. You can get to our shop by visiting our "Products" page.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Victoria R. Card Box

Who doesn't love a deal?! On occasion we offer a special deal to all our customers. We started doing this not too long ago and the first one launched was a fabulous deal. It was for a 4-Present Card Box with Free Embroidered Personalization and a Free Coordinating 1-Present Advise/Wish Box. The first customer to jump on the deal was Victoria R. from New York. Her Winter Wonderland themed card boxes have been completed and look darling. We thank you very much for your order and congrats on such a huge savings!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Your Typical Theme

So every once in a while we get a bride who is having a themed wedding that we have not done before. We get very excited for new things :) So for that, we thank you Heather & Bobby!

This fantastic California couple loves baseball: Him - Dodgers fan..... Her - Angels fan. The coin toss must have been in his favor because they are getting married in Dodgers Stadium next month. Their colors are red, white & blue - which even typing that out makes us want to break out into an American song and dance. For this very reason, they desperately wanted to avoid any aspect of their wedding looking patriotic. So we had our mission.... The Stationery Designer assigned to this project did an amazing job. The wedding is at Dodger Stadium so naturally that was the focal, with a splash of the Angels. So here is the inspiration, along with the final products. The couple couldn't decide, so they took all 3 logos! We also designed their candy labels and candy buffet sign. Thanks again Heather & Bobby, it's been a joy to work with you!






Saturday, December 13, 2008

Card Boxes for Immediate Sale

There are times throughout the year when we actually have premade boxes ready for sale and immediate shipping. This occurs when boxes are in production and events are called off, customer didn't update us on color changes, etc. So when that happens, we complete the boxes and put them up for sale. All the boxes below are packed and ready to be shipped. If you are interested, please go to our website and use the contact form on the Contact Us page and note which box you would like along with your zip code (s/h purposes). We will then send you a Pay Pal invoice which will be valid for 48 hours, once paid then the box is shipped off to you. If payment is not received within that time frame, the box will be available to all. If you have any questions, certainly let us know. (Larger pictures are shown in the Gallery section on our website).


All White 5-Present Card Box - 14" x 14" x 20" and will hold 150-175 cards (approx 300-350 guests): This card box is made with satin, glitter satin, lace, crystal and pearl sprays, silk flowers and excessive rhinestone detailing - Special Price of $135

Red & Green 1-Present Christmas Card Box- 12" x 12" x 8" and will hold about 100 cards (approx 200 guests) - Special Price of $45

Aqua, Red & White 7-Present card box - 14" x 14" x 22" and will hold about 200-250 cards (approx 400-500 cards). This card box is made with satin fabric, swirl and pin dot fabric, satin ribbons, calla lillies, red roses and white satin edged chiffon bow - Special Price of $95

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rush Rush Rush!

Poor Melissa, completely forgot about menu cards and came to us in a panic! It's ok girl, we've got you covered. Here's your custom menu, they'll be in your hands next week. Now just focus on everything else :)

Mona H. Card Box

First card box finished today. This is a 1-Present custom card box is for a wedding with the color scheme of dark brown, orange and burgundy. It's embroidered with the bride and groom's name. Very simple & very elegant. Thank you Mona for choosing us to make your card box. Best Wishes!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Asian Flair

Can't blame a girl for wanting to nail down all the details! After all that's every bride's intention and then one day you wake up and realize you're getting married in a week. Yikes!

This June '09 couple plans to have it all done early and we wish them all the best! Just finished & approved, here are their custom designed set of goodies. So far... menu, placecards and favor labels. There's more to come as they want to add on other coordinating elements.

(Marrone) Custom Logo

We LOOOOVE creating wedding/event monogram logos for our brides. Unlike other sites, we focus on the "Custom" aspect and do not have standard logos to choose from. This allows us to truly create something unique for each bride. It's a great opportunity to get creative. This couple needed a header style logo to print on all things wedding. Obviously with a butterfly theme, Heath & Nancy wanted a mix of styles: modern, yet elegant with a themed twist. Apparantly we nailed it. We're glad you love it!

Not Only Weddings

Despite our company name, we cater to all events. The most recent order was for a card box for a Sweet 16. Her theme was hot pink, red & purple with neon dancers and feathers. Sounds like quite the party. Her card box of course reflected that and she's estatic. Happy Birthday Regina!

Alright.... it's Official!

We have jumped feet first into this compelling, addicting world of blogging. Up until now, we of course have read other blogs, been featured on other blogs, but never really thought of starting one of our own. So now, here we are, dedicating ourselves to bring our brides and readers the best of the best. We love trends... we love creating our own and helping every little bit we can to make that one day (the most anticipated day) - the most memorable day of your life. So raise your glass - cheers to all those newly engaged couples, those tired of wedding planning, those about to walk down the aisle and even those who just can't wait to be asked... we are all women, we are all unique and we deserve to have it all dammit!